Oakhurst Systems, Inc.
Customer Relationship Management Consultants & Software Developers

Corporate History & Overview  

Oakhurst Systems, Inc. (Oakhurst) provides top-quality Implementation, Consulting & Training Services to users of SalesLogix, ACT!, ACT! for Web and Oakhurst Software Products (ACT!PAK!, OAK!Check!™, OAK!Merge!™, OAK!Quote!™, OAK!Script!™, OAK!Ship!™, and OAK!Zip!™; software applications that complement and extend the use of ACT! and SalesLogix).  Founded in 1990, Oakhurst's current team of five Consultants & Trainers are certified across multiple products and manufacturers including SalesLogix and ACT! from Interact Commerce Corporation.  Oakhurst has assisted hundreds of organizations with the implementation of new enterprise-wide software solutions and has also provided guidance on how to better utilize the software already installed.

After an initial "requirements definition" meeting with prospective clients, Oakhurst typically submits a Proposal itemizing the proposed tasks, anticipated effort, cost and schedule.   After the client has reviewed and approved the Proposal, the project commences.   Oakhurst also provides appropriate client references when requested.

For more information on Oakhurst Software Products, go to www.oakpro.com.

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ACT! is a registered trademark under exclusive license to Best Software, Inc. by its owner, Symantec Corporation, in the United States and other countries.  ACT!PAK! and ACT!xactly! are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation licensed solely to Oakhurst Systems, Inc.  All OAK! product names are trademarks of Oakhurst Systems, Inc.  ACT!PAK! and all OAK! products, originally developed by Oakhurst Systems, Inc. are now licensed, maintained and supported solely under agreement with E Tech Systems, Inc. of Schaumburg, IL.  SalesLogix is a registered trademark of Best Software Inc.


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