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Consulting Services & Price List

Services Provided

Database and Screen Design

Oakhurst advises clients on how to implement SalesLogix, ACT!, and Oakhurst Software Products to meet their organization's objectives and determines the data requirements needed to meet those objectives. Oakhurst then assists with the database and screen design to store and display the data in an efficient and visually pleasing manner.

Data Conversion and Custom Interfaces

Oakhurst can convert existing data structures to populate the initial SalesLogix or ACT! database as well as develop custom interfaces for exchanging data with other applications as required.

Software Installation and Data Synchroni-
zation Setup

Oakhurst works with Sales, Support, Marketing and Information Technology personnel to identify the optimal installation and synchronization methodology. The actual implementation of data synchronization is performed in a methodical manner to ensure all workstations are integrated into the flow of data without compromising the integrity of the corporate data.

End-User Training Oakhurst develops and provides onsite training for all aspects of SalesLogix, ACT!, and Oakhurst Software Products — Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced. Classes are taught in a workshop format, customized to the client's needs. Oakhurst’s training staff has a unique combination of sales plus marketing experience that enhances the applicability of the training to the client’s specific requirements.
Administrator Training Oakhurst provides customized training specifically designed for SalesLogix and ACT! Administrators.  Topics include (but are not limited to):  database maintenance/modifications, screen modifications, advanced queries/reports/templates and synchronization setup
Form Letters & Templates

Oakhurst converts existing documents into templates for printing, faxing or emailing - one contact at a time - or broadcast to hundreds.


Oakhurst develops customized reports to meet the client’s objectives. Examples include:   Sales Forecast Detail report, Sales Forecast Summary report, Expanded Task List report, Sales Lead Time Analysis report, and Meeting Held History report sorted by user.

Network Engineering

Oakhurst provides network engineering and implementation assistance including (but not limited to):  (a) Installation, configuration and maintenance of servers and workstations, (b) Design, installation, configuration and maintenance of network communication components (routers, switches, etc.) and (c) Installation, configuration and maintenance of network-wide application software (backup, anti-virus, etc.).

Consulting Services Price List
SalesLogix Implementation, Consulting & Training Services - Per Hour $168.00
ACT! Implementation, Consulting & Training Services - Per Hour $160.00
ACT! Quick Study Guide $39.95
Oakhurst Software Products Consulting Services - Per Hour $160.00
Network Engineering Services - Per Hour $140.00
Programming / Reports

per Quote

Volume discounts available

Travel Time & Expenses:  Travel time is charged when travel time to customer's office is greater than 30 minutes one way or onsite billable time is less than 4 Hours.  For overnight travel, travel time is billed at of a day per way per person.  Travel time is waived for each trip of 3 or more billable days.  Actual lodging and transportation expenses will be charged for approved travel and lodging expenses.

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